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Essentials of “Rosary Talks with Mary” (2)





(I’ve used this aid quite often when I could not concentrate any rosary prayer or mysteries meditation, I just meditate only on “Now & Present Recitation” which is either Our Father or Hail Mary prayers. One at a time focusing on words I am praying until my decade is completed.)


Before the coming of Our Lord, young and old recited the one hundred and fifty psalms of David as a prayer. Many of the psalms were committed to memory and said frequently throughout the day. The more the people meditated upon the psalms the better they prayed and the richer were the spiritual rains.

The 150 salutations to Mary correspond to the 150 psalms of David which sang the praises of God and besought Him for mercy and grace.

(You can read more information regarding the 150 psalms of David, click here)

As with the psalms the more we meditate upon the words we say, the more effect they will have upon our spiritual health. The repetition of the Angelical salutation is always pleasing to Our Lady. The Lord’s Prayer is the prayer taught us by Our Lord Himself, and cannot be said often enough. So the very words we use in the Rosary have a virtue of their own and will merit much for us. The following notes on the “Hail Mary” and the “Our Father” supply food for meditation.


origin of hail mary

Since the author’s notes for “Hail Mary” and the “Our Father” have excerpted from the Bible by which they are somewhat well known to us. I consider that the written of “The Secret of the Rosary” by Saint Louis de Montfort are more comprehensive and very useful and merit for our meditation. Please refer the following posts.

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origin of our father

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hail mary 1

These are the ways of thinking with the words “Hail Mary” apply to Blessed Mother Mary in the special circumstances of each Mystery. The author took the 1st Mysteries as for examples for our meditation.


From Mary’s union with Jesus comes all her greatness. This way of saying the Rosary is to tell our Mother that we greet her as full of God’s grace, blessed, because she is with Jesus as no other human being can ever be; in His joy, in His sorrow, and in His triumph. Let us see briefly the different shades of meaning we can put into the words of the “Hail Mary” in each of the five Joyful Mysteries.




hail mary 2

This is the last Aids to meditation on the Rosary. It concerns a well plan of progress through each decade combining the ideas already elaborated.


The first “Hail Mary” will be a salutation to Our Lady, saying the words with which Gabriel addressed her at the Annunciation, and trying to capture the devotion and warmth which Saint Luke puts into those words.

During the recital of the next six “Hail Marys”, we shall draw upon all that we have learned at school, or read and heard since, to help us to paint a word picture of the mystery.

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The last three “Hail Marys” will uncover our hearts to Mary’s whisperings. We shall try to get inside our Mother Mary’s heart during this mystery, and catch some of its fire and heat to warm our own towards her. Some day we shall feel our hearts burning within us and on that blessed occasion we shall understand what that humble French priest, Saint Grignion de Montfort, wrote some two hundred years or so ago — namely, that “being a servant of Mary is good, but to be her slave is better. The servant is worthy of his hire but the slave is not. As Mary’s slave, we wish to be absorbed completely in Mary’s personality, to work in and through and by her for Mary’s cause, the salvation of souls. That ideal of complete slavery is the keynote of the Legion of Mary Apostolate. In the words of dedication the Legionaries proclaim: I am yours, my Queen, my Mother, and all that I have is yours.”

OK, I have drawn upon you every points to be considered as essential parts of one of the beautiful classic rosary articles for  “AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY of ROSARY TALKS WITH MARY”.  Please kindly read full original article at the following link.

Rosary Talks With Mary. By Right Rev Monsignor John T. McMahon

Also you can download this article in PDF format.

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