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Rosary prayer made easy with “Rosary Crusade”




An old little booklet about Rosary Prayer by “Dominican Father” with only 36 pages.  This booklet was published in the year 1943 by “Holy Name Society” in New York which was included a history of the Rosary. 


The meditations of the rosary mysteries described in this booklet are kept simple, short, clear and straight forward.


Below is the passage that I excerpt from its Foreword:-


“This booklet is dedicated to Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary, and to you, Catholic citizens of the United States of America. Its purpose is to invite you to join a Rosary Crusade by saying the Rosary every day for the shortening of the most destructive war in history. (as it was published in 1943)


Our beloved country was dedicated to Mary Immaculate in 1847. That is to say that the Holy Ghost, through the voice of the American Bishops united in Council at Baltimore, gave to this nation the Mother of God as its principal Patron.


In times of crisis, a mother rushes to her off-spring. A mother bird appears on the scene when her nest is approached. A mother beast defends her young with life itself. A human mother darts into a burning home to save her child. So Mary, Mother of mankind, will protect those who have recourse to her through her favorite prayer, the Rosary.”




Each mystery contains:


  1. A picture of mystery 
  2. Short conclusion of mystery passage 
  3. Resolution
    (Resolutions in the booklet are served as “Spirit fruits” of the rosary. If you like them, keep them in your heart, but some of them may be unfamiliar or you can change them to your custom or traditional rosary fruits as your likeness) 
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Also I put “MEDITATION ON THE ROSARY” in the booklet for your consideration.


the annunciation(click the image to view full image)

“PRAYER is the raising of the mind and heart to God. We should PRAY the Rosary rather than say it. Counting prayers on beads was in vogue before St. Dominic’s time. When Mary gave the Rosary to him, the new thing added was meditation on the mysteries. This method of teaching the mysteries of religion produces in souls the life of Christ. Contemplation of the Christian ideal is to be followed by action, or Christian living. Jesus and Mary want you to join them each day to SHARE THEIR JOYS, SORROWS and GLORIES.
First of all it is necessary to UNDERSTAND the mysteries and to have a clear picture of them in mind. Study the pictures in this book until you know them from memory, and if you wish, keep them open before you while saying the beads.


Here is a suggestion. Put yourself in the place of Jesus or Mary and live the mysteries with them. Be either an actor or a sympathetic spectator. For example, in the scene of the Annunciation imagine that you are present and listening to Mary and the Angel talking together. Or imagine that you are the Angel Gabriel sent by God to announce to the Blessed Virgin that she is to be the Mother of His Son. Then silently receive her message and bear it back to God.
Or again, at the third joyful mystery imagine that you are one of. the shepherds adoring the newborn Babe in the stable of Bethlehem. At the third sorrowful mystery feel that you are one of the soldiers forcing the crown of thorns into the Head of Christ by your many sins.
A sincere effort to meditate, even if the effort fails, suffices to gain the indulgences. In  fact, meditation is not required to gain the Crozier and Brigittine indulgences.
A little practice will lead to satisfactory meditation. Much practice may lead to high contemplation.”

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You can get this valuable booklet from the link below:- (Thank you very much for Internet Archive)

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The Rosary Crusade : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive


Finally, I create a video clip to summarize the 15 rosary mysteries as a guide for your meditation.  I try to make the clip run slowly so that you can ponder each mystery as well as the image. Hopefully, you can enjoy watching it.


how to meditate and pray 15 holy rosary mysteries by rosary crusade year 1943 – YouTube

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