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Welcome to my mini Catholic Blog, this blog was created by early July 2015. My primary goal is to make this website to honor “Most Holy Virgin Mary”. Consecration to Mother of Mercy, Queen of Heaven and Refuge of sinners, we would like to consecrate ourselves to our Immaculate Heart. One of the best way to devote ourselves is “Praying Rosary” and this is the most reason why this blog is being created.


I decided to make this bilingual site which are English and Thai language (I am a Thai Catholic) in order to reach more universal Catholic audiences. Please also be patience if the site is still lacking of so many things because I am just beginner of making the blog. I will try my best to improve it.  I am just a humble volunteer to search, to collect, to bring about the existing old or even new traditional characters Catholic Church regarding “Rosary Prayers”presenting for readers and visitors who might come and read to this blog. The collected resources or information will be organized and directly linked to the original sources where I have found them and presented as easily access, simple, clear ,concise and try to keep them short as well as additional information where necessities to be included. So visitors can read, watch and ponder what are necessary for their faithful prayers to Mary, mother of God.


Please note that all every links in my post are valid at the time of the articles were being posted. If  for an unknown reason, some visitors or readers has come across the dead links whatever/whenever my post has been reading after several months or even year. I am very sorry the resource information website/blog may has already been shut down. You can notify me through comment which is very welcome. I have to apologize for all errors that might be occurred through my ignorance and or carelessness.


As time goes by, more and more my article posts are being written/presented ( in the future), I prayerfully hope that some of catholic visitors even one or two people who dislike the rosary prayer may gradually be inspired and turn into devoted prayers of the rosary. This will bring me the most graceful joy and my dreaming objective is highly success.


If you like this site, please kindly pray for my family and me when leaving the site (but I hope you come to visit my blog very often). I am so gratefully thank you for all visitors. I really need your valuable prayers since I am one of the greatest sinners ever live.


May God bless you all. Hail Blessed Mother who is our hope, our sweetness, pray for us….Amen.

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